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Below is just a few Magic Heating Box Reviews I have found on the web.

magic_heating_boxMagic heating box” Written on: 10/06/2013 by Findlay78 Having moved our young family into a much larger house, we were looking for the solution to heating every room, but keeping the costs down – especially when the cost of gas keeps rising. We had a number of options, but none of which served our purposes, until the discovery of the Magic Heating Box! The installation of this simple box would reduce our bills and allow us to use the central heating whenever we want, without worry of the bill at the end of the month!! We immediately signed up and booked ourselves an installation! As discussed with SuperSeal, on the day of the installation, the system was power flushed and the Magic Box plumbed in, with new thermostats fitted to all the radiators. When the system was switched on for the first time, the difference was amazing! Rooms where the radiators hadn’t worked so well, were hot…in fact, once all the radiators were up and running, we had to turn the heating off – and that was even after dropping the temperature! All in all the installation went very smoothly, with the team of fitters being polite and respectful, taking every care whilst in our home. It only took a day to complete, so there was no inconvenience to our family life. We would strongly recommend the Magic Box to anyone considering it. We’re left with a lovely, warm home and peace of mind that as the gas price rises, the impact will be limited in our household. http://www.reviewcentre.com/Solar-Energy/Superseal-Ltd-Solar-PV-review_2081883

“What a difference a little box can make”

Written on: 30/05/2013 by Tommyboy52

What a difference a little box can make! We had put up with and persevered for years with an old , useless , inefficient and very costly heating and hot water boiler. Even after our extension we laboured on in the hope that the system would “cope”. However after yet another freezing winter we knew that enough was enough and it was time to shake off the lethargy and get things sorted. Having used Superseal previously for a garage conversion and the installation of a new boiler in my parents home I had no hesitation in contacting them again for advice on and delivery of this new project. Superseal have now installed a new Heating Box and Thermodynamic Water Heater in our home along with a new Worcester Bosch boiler. The whole installation was done over 2 days , including the fitting of a new green energy heating panel on the roof. The Magic Heating Box now has the new boiler operating at 60 degrees (which is a full 20+ degrees cooler than the old “scalding to the touch” boiler), and the whole house is warmer than before, by a mile! The new digital thermostat is also an easy to use cool gadget !. In addition the hot water switch on the new boiler has been set to “off” since installation as the Thermodynamic Water Heater system now provides all of our hot water , powered by the new roof panel and the Scottish weather , rain or shine ! This is an investment we should have made years ago. Given the efficiency of the new system we are fully expecting to achieve substantial savings in our energy bills and given the continual rise of energy prices the savings will only increase over time. We are also happy to have done our bit for the environment. I’m also delighted to have chosen Superseal as their advice , products , project management and installation have yet again been outstanding. Tom O’Hara http://www.reviewcentre.com/Solar-Energy/Superseal-Ltd-Solar-PV-review_2060481

“Central Heating Management System”

Written on: 22/06/2013

I have had a magic heating box installed by Envirosolar and I have found the results to be very impressive. I have 10 radiators and prior to the installation all of them had various cold spots on them. Since the installation all of the cold spots have been removed and the radiators are proving more efficient and giving off more heat. Since the installation we have also turned down our boiler to 60c which of course means we are using less gas. The installers were fantastic. They were polite, efficient and most of all caring. They explained what they would be doing and answered all my questions. At the end of the installation they also made sure I was comfortable and satisfied before leaving. The customer service I received from Envirosolar has been beyond my expectations. I would have no problem recommending Envirosolar to anybody who wants a warmer house with a central heating system that now works as it should do.  http://www.reviewcentre.com/Eco-Reviews/Envirosolar-www-envirosolar-co-uk-review_2105056

“The Magic Heating Box.”

Written on: 23/04/2013 by LAHLGREN

I arranged a time and date for my Magic box to be installed and as promised two fitters turned up. The fitters explained to me exactly what was going to be fitted and also positions of the thermostat etc. This put me at ease straight way and I left them to it. Apart from a few cups of tea during the day they basicly got on with the job. The installation was completed and the fitters advised me on the use of the controls. They demonstrated the heat from my radiators was an even heat all over. Before the installation I was lucky if half of the radiator was working properly. I was then amazed when I was shown the running temperature on the Thermometer showing the boiler output was actually reduced to 60degrees. that was a great result. I would recommend Enviro Solar to both my friend and family http://www.reviewcentre.com/Eco-Reviews/Envirosolar-www-envirosolar-co-uk-review_2001768

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